USB audio adapters (snd_uaudio): what to buy and what not?

Yuriy Tsibizov Yuriy.Tsibizov at
Mon May 15 06:10:43 UTC 2006

> I'm going to buy an USB audio adapter supported by 
> FreeBSD's snd_uaudio
> driver. My needs are general: to play/record stereo audio (no need in
> additional channels), line output is a must, headphone output 
> is a plus ;)
> What models can you recommend to buy and what - to avoid 
> buying? snd_uaudio(4)
> only talks about "USB audio class devices" and doesn't 
> mention specific
> models. I would like to hear about any (positive or negative) 
> experience
> with these devices under CURRENT and/or RELENG_6 systems.
I have 
( for English description)
that is made by unknown company and sold under several brands (just search for 
"USB 5.1 AUDIO ADAPTER" or "AC1500 USB" in Google).

Positive side: 
It works (stereo playback/recording only, 5.1 sound does not). 
Cheap (around $17 in Moscow). 
Has LEDs that blink when data is sent over USB bus.

Negative side: 
You have to find correct recording volume, otherwise all you will get 
is a cheap guitar overdrive - it seems that 100% rec gain is realy 200-400% gain over 
source level. If I set a mixer (Behringer MX) to -10db (level required by most 
consumer equipment) and line volume at 100% I'm getting
distorted sound under any OS (both 7-CURRENT at home and XP at work).

I will not recommend it to anything serious.


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