Sigmatel STAC 92XX on Precision 380

Alexander Leidinger Alexander at
Wed Jun 21 14:39:35 UTC 2006

Quoting "Michael C. Cambria" <mcc at> (from Wed, 21 Jun 2006  
09:58:06 -0400):

> Hi,
> I've been given access to a Dell Precision 380 and put FreeBSD
> 6.1-Stable on it.  I cannot seem to get the onboard Sigmatel STAC 92XX
> sound to be detected at boot.  Note, this is the 92XX, not the 97XX.
> dmesg shows no pcm device.
> The 97XX seems to be supported, and PR kern/75969 claims to add support
> for it in 6.1.  On BSDFourms, the 97XX is claimed to be supported by
> the oss drivers as well.
> For kicks, I built a new kernel with "device sound" just in case.  No
> luck, which I expected since I belive the root problem is that no pcm
> device is detected at boot.

Please read

> Is anyone familiar with this 92XX?   I don't have specs.  Does anyone
> have a guess as to what might go into device hints?

The device hints file should be not involved here.


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