Sigmatel STAC 92XX on Precision 380

Michael C. Cambria mcc at
Wed Jun 21 13:59:22 UTC 2006


I've been given access to a Dell Precision 380 and put FreeBSD 
6.1-Stable on it.  I cannot seem to get the onboard Sigmatel STAC 92XX 
sound to be detected at boot.  Note, this is the 92XX, not the 97XX. 
dmesg shows no pcm device.

The 97XX seems to be supported, and PR kern/75969 claims to add support 
for it in 6.1.  On BSDFourms, the 97XX is claimed to be supported by the 
oss drivers as well.

For kicks, I built a new kernel with "device sound" just in case.  No 
luck, which I expected since I belive the root problem is that no pcm 
device is detected at boot.

Is anyone familiar with this 92XX?   I don't have specs.  Does anyone 
have a guess as to what might go into device hints?


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