external sound card under FreeBSD 5.4

Kazuhito HONDA kazuhito at ph.noda.tus.ac.jp
Thu Nov 24 15:26:34 GMT 2005


From: Evgeny Solovyov <a.n.s.i at gmx.net>
Subject: Re: external sound card under FreeBSD 5.4
Date: Tue, 22 Nov 2005 16:50:15 +0000

> # dmesg|grep uaudio
> uaudio0: Creative Technology Ltd SB Audigy 2 NX, rev 1.10/1.00, addr 2
> uaudio0: ignored audio interface with 2 endpoints

This message was made at line 2164 in uaudio.c.
If UAUDIO_MULTIPLE_ENDPOINTS (at line 107 in uaudio.c) are defined,
another event will be caused.  Perhaps, it may solve your problem.

Sincerely yours,
Kazuhito HONDA

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