pvr350, cache problems and live tv how to do it best

Didier Wiroth didier.wiroth at mcesr.etat.lu
Wed May 11 09:28:16 PDT 2005

Hello, thx for helping!

>Test this driver (a fork of original cxm driver):
>This driver allows live tv change channel and more, see README for all
>features and install notes. Need some work with tuner loader but now
>is stable with my two cards (pvr250 and pvr350).

I've compiled and installed everything and cxm_controller etc works. 
But I can't launch xine or mplayer to watch TV. 

While running mplayer (cat /dev/cxm0 | mplayer -), I get this strange message:
Playing -.
Reading from stdin...
Win32 LoadLibrary failed to load: avisynth.dll, /usr/local/lib/win32/avisynth.dl l, /usr/lib/win32/avisynth.dll

When running xine (cat /dev/cxm0 | xine stdin://), I get the following error:
xine engine error
There is no demuxer plugin available to handle 'stdin://'
Usually this means that the file format was not recognized.

Both programs work with the ("original") cxm modules.

Do you have an idea what I can try?

many thanks

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