pvr350, cache problems and live tv how to do it best

Lluis López cronopiolopez at gmail.com
Tue May 10 14:03:44 PDT 2005

> Regarding watching live tv, what is the most comfortable way to do it. For now I do the following:
> 1) pvr250-setchannel my_channel_mhz
> 2) start mplayer: buffer -s 8125 < /dev/cxm0 | mplayer -cache 8125 -
> 3) stop mplayer
> 4) change channel with pvr250-setchannel...
> 5) restart mplayer: buffer -s...
> 6) etc....
> Is there some better way to do this?
> Which program are you using for watching live tv on freebsd5.4 with the pvr350?

Test this driver (a fork of original cxm driver):


This driver allows live tv change channel and more, see README for all
features and install notes. Need some work with tuner loader but now
is stable with my two cards (pvr250 and pvr350).

Luis López Solé.

> Many thanks
> Didier
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