what soundcard should i buy?

Erik Udo erik.u at dnainternet.net
Wed Jan 26 09:56:14 PST 2005

Andy Pintar wrote:
> Looks to me like the soundblaster audigy ls card does work:
> http://lists.freebsd.org/pipermail/freebsd-hackers/2003-November/003970.html
> As for something that works 100%, I found the SoundBlaster Live work well
> - anything with the EMU10K1 chipset should work.  For true, 100%
> compatibility, you'll have to use either windows (sadly), or do some
> hacking of your own, in most cases.  I joined this list to glean some
> knowledge so I could patch the driver for my onboard sound, which has
> levels that are too low currently.
> Keep in mind that FreeBSD is an experience more than simply an OS.  The
> time spent getting your Audigy LS to work properly (which I'm sure it
> will) will be repaid a thousand fold in terms of increased knowledge and
> experience.  I recall installing 4.2 and trying to get a SoundBlaster
> 8-bit original card working... what a nightmare!  But looking back, it was
> worth every frustrating moment.
> Finally, please include more information explaining why something isn't
> working in future mailings (so that we can be more helpful).
> Ciao;
> Andy.
> On Wed, 26 Jan 2005, Erik Udo wrote:
>>I just bought creative labs soundblaster live! soundcard,
>>and it's not working, becouse it is really a Audigy LS card.
>>I was really disappointed. Is it possible to get any soundcard
>>working properly?
>>One integrated card worked fine, but the motherbard
>>was too old. Second motherboard with integrated soundcard worked,
>>but it couldn't change the volume. Third motherbord, the sound
>>was going too fast. And this PCI soundcard i just bought, isn't
>>just simply supported.
>>I got it working using opensound but still, i dont like opensound.
>>Will SoundBlaster live! Audigy LS ever be supported?
>>So what sound cards does FreeBSD 5.3 really support. And i mean 100%.
>>What sound card should i get?
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in http://chibis.persons.gfk.ru/audigy/#build
  Audigy LS and Audigy 2 Value (PCI chip IDs 0x00071102 and 0x00081102) 
are not supported and added to list of known but unsupported cards. They 
WILL NOT be supported by this driver. I don't have this cards.

I'll just try adding the IDs manually.

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