what soundcard should i buy?

Andy Pintar hapoteh at toronto.yossman.net
Wed Jan 26 09:14:33 PST 2005

Looks to me like the soundblaster audigy ls card does work:

As for something that works 100%, I found the SoundBlaster Live work well
- anything with the EMU10K1 chipset should work.  For true, 100%
compatibility, you'll have to use either windows (sadly), or do some
hacking of your own, in most cases.  I joined this list to glean some
knowledge so I could patch the driver for my onboard sound, which has
levels that are too low currently.

Keep in mind that FreeBSD is an experience more than simply an OS.  The
time spent getting your Audigy LS to work properly (which I'm sure it
will) will be repaid a thousand fold in terms of increased knowledge and
experience.  I recall installing 4.2 and trying to get a SoundBlaster
8-bit original card working... what a nightmare!  But looking back, it was
worth every frustrating moment.

Finally, please include more information explaining why something isn't
working in future mailings (so that we can be more helpful).


On Wed, 26 Jan 2005, Erik Udo wrote:

> I just bought creative labs soundblaster live! soundcard,
> and it's not working, becouse it is really a Audigy LS card.
> I was really disappointed. Is it possible to get any soundcard
> working properly?
> One integrated card worked fine, but the motherbard
> was too old. Second motherboard with integrated soundcard worked,
> but it couldn't change the volume. Third motherbord, the sound
> was going too fast. And this PCI soundcard i just bought, isn't
> just simply supported.
> I got it working using opensound but still, i dont like opensound.
> Will SoundBlaster live! Audigy LS ever be supported?
> So what sound cards does FreeBSD 5.3 really support. And i mean 100%.
> What sound card should i get?
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