kphone / linphone / asterisk

Jim Durham durham at
Wed Oct 20 06:33:51 PDT 2004

On Wednesday 20 October 2004 01:51 am, Stuart Barkley wrote:
> On Tue, 19 Oct 2004 at 23:30 -0400, Jim Durham wrote:
> > Has anyone got kphone to work on 5.x or 4.x ?
> I've recently tried both net/linphone and net/kphone on 4.10 with no
> success and have also been wondering if anyone has them working
> correctly.  I've tried most combinations of kphone, linphone and
> sipomatic (test responder with linphone) on two machines running 4.10.

> So far I haven't done any real debugging.  I was hoping one
> combination would work starting off.  I'm open to suggestions as to
> which would be best to concentrate on.  I'm inclined to try linphonec
> (net/linphone-base) first.  The guis on kphone and linphone seem
> pretty miserable and mouse intensive.  linphonec also is the one I'm
> currently having the most luck with (some audio passes).
> Stuart Barkley

Stuart, I'm really discouraged 8-( !!   

I should report that I also tried kphone on Debian Linux and it didn't work 
for me there either. I'm fairly certain that the setup is correct as it does 
work on 5.2.1 with the choppy audio, but other functions work as advertised.

I contacted the port maintainer for FreeBSD and he said he had noticed the 
chopping problem but apparently it is usable on his machine and he didn't 
have the time to debug my problem.


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