Midi on 5.3. stable - newbie question

snoozydude at optusnet.com.au snoozydude at optusnet.com.au
Mon Nov 29 21:42:12 PST 2004

I have installed Freebsd 5.3 stable (generic kernel) and KDE and am tyring to get  kmid 
working, but it reports "Cannot open /dev/sequencer". 
pciconf -lv 
pcm0 at pci0:31:5: class=0x040100 card=0x59591013 chip=0x24858086 rev=0x01 
    vendor   = 'Intel Corporation' 
    device   = '82801CA/CAM (ICH3-S/ICH3-M) AC'97 Audio Controller' 
    class    = multimedia 
    subclass = audio 
Sound works and I can play mp3 files. 
Is it, that the sound card that does not support MIDI and if so is there a software 
sequencer I can install? 

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