is it possible to read CD-R with corrupt/missing TOC?

Tom Uffner tom at
Mon Nov 29 20:52:52 PST 2004

Is it possible (even in theory) to read a CD-R with a corrupt or
missing TOC?

I have a disc that was the only recording of a live performanace,
which appears to have failed while being finalized. It clearly has
data on it and there were no errors reported while burning, but it
is not recognized at all by normal players and it shows up as either
blank or invalid depending on which burner hardware/software i try
to read it with. the part of the disc where the lead-in should be
looks blank. it is an audio disc.

is there any way to recover the track data or do a low level read
and try to reconstruct it. i am willing to invest a few days worth
of coding and a small amount of money (if for example i need a
burner with better firmware support for recovering bad discs)


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