Tuner Problems with Xawtv (but not fxtv)

Josh Elsasser jre at vineyard.net
Wed Apr 21 15:11:36 PDT 2004

On Tue, Apr 20, 2004 at 04:19:37AM +0200, Levi Masterson wrote:
> I decided after a long while to try out my Hauppage WinTV Theater card with
> FreeBSD--
> It works great in FXTV, but I'm having problems with xawtv (and MoTV).  The 
> problem with MoTV, other than having to disable glx support to get it to
> run, is that the channels are off a channel or two, or in some cases it
> seems randomly placed on the dial, and in some cases missing altogether.  In
> addition, the channels that do work have to be fine-tuned to get any color. 
> I've tried us-bcast, us-cable, and us-cable-hrc.  None of which work
> properly.  I also tried going into the channel freq list for us-cable (which
> is what I need to work) and shifting them all up by 1mhz.  That fixes most
> of the color, but the channels are still out of place and out of whack.
> For example, the Cartoon Network, which on a cable-ready tv, comes in on 22,
> shows up on xawtv at 7.  And as I said before, the others I've tested come
> in 1 or 2 channels below where they should be.  Any ideas?
> It seems odd to me that fxtv would work 100% and xawtv wouldn't.

I have the same problem with xawtv/motv and mplayer.  What is odd is
that these programs are setting the correct frequency, I have verified
this with fxtv, but the card still appears to not be tuning it

I have a quick workaround, but I want to investigate a little more and
find out what the real problem is before I start submitting patches.


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