Tuner Problems with Xawtv (but not fxtv)

Levi Masterson kugeln at gmx.net
Mon Apr 19 19:19:38 PDT 2004

I decided after a long while to try out my Hauppage WinTV Theater card with

It works great in FXTV, but I'm having problems with xawtv (and MoTV).  The 
problem with MoTV, other than having to disable glx support to get it to
run, is that the channels are off a channel or two, or in some cases it
seems randomly placed on the dial, and in some cases missing altogether.  In
addition, the channels that do work have to be fine-tuned to get any color. 

I've tried us-bcast, us-cable, and us-cable-hrc.  None of which work
properly.  I also tried going into the channel freq list for us-cable (which
is what I need to work) and shifting them all up by 1mhz.  That fixes most
of the color, but the channels are still out of place and out of whack.

For example, the Cartoon Network, which on a cable-ready tv, comes in on 22,
shows up on xawtv at 7.  And as I said before, the others I've tested come
in 1 or 2 channels below where they should be.  Any ideas?

It seems odd to me that fxtv would work 100% and xawtv wouldn't.


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