nuppelvideo "nuvrec", mplayer: no audio on 5.1-CURRENT?

Lars Eggert larse at ISI.EDU
Sun Oct 5 14:39:08 PDT 2003

Chris Shenton wrote:
> To grab something off air, I use fxtv to set the channel then quit.  I
> then run NuppelVideo's "nuvrec -t 1 outputfilename" to record a minute
> of video; no video or audio appears when I do this.  This mostly works
> and can be seen if I play it back through "mplayer -vo xv
> outputfilename".
> Unfortunately, there's no audio.  mplayer diagnostic shows it finds
> audio, but it's not clear whether it's simply not playing correctly or
> if nuvrec recorded a minute of silence.

I've found that if I try to record stuff off the air using mencoder, I 
have to explicitly switch the mixer to record from "line" to get audio 
recorded. Mencoder is supposed to do this internally via "adevice", but 
that option seems unsupported on FreeBSD.

Try running "mixer =rec line rec 100" just before you start nuvrec.

Lars Eggert <larse at>           USC Information Sciences Institute
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