nuppelvideo "nuvrec", mplayer: no audio on 5.1-CURRENT?

Steve O'Hara-Smith steve at
Sun Oct 5 22:57:59 PDT 2003

On Sun, 05 Oct 2003 17:14:27 -0400
Chris Shenton <chris at> wrote:

CS> To grab something off air, I use fxtv to set the channel then quit.  I

	You don't need to do that - you can just set the BKTR_FREQUENCY
environment variable and nuvrec will tune to that frequency (this
works for ffmpeg too BTW) - you can also set BKTR_DEV to select the
input channel.

CS> Unfortunately, there's no audio.  mplayer diagnostic shows it finds
CS> audio, but it's not clear whether it's simply not playing correctly or
CS> if nuvrec recorded a minute of silence.

	Hmm, there will be no audio if nuvrec fails to open the tuner
or the pcm device. Make sure that fxtv isn't still running and check
permissions on the tuner and pcm devices.

CS> So it appears I have to be root to grab audio with nuvrec, does this
CS> make sense? Why? Fxtv doesn't need it...

	At first sight it does not make sense - something odd going on.

CS> Subsequent attempts to capture and such sometimes give me trashed
CS> video upon playback (looks like wrong freq) even if the audio's fine.
CS> Other times cause mplayer to crash.

	Try tuning with BKTR_FREQUENCY - it sounds like something has
adjusted the tuning for you.

CS> Do you have other multimedia apps you prefer for this simple task?

	I've gone back to ffmpeg - because mencoder has a habit of
crasjing when used in a nuvrec pipeline. I've got ffmpeg 0.4.8 making
DVD format recordings straight of the air now (with a little help
from mpeg2desc, mplex and dvdauthor).

CS> Again, I'm mostly looking for a command-line thing I can invoke from
CS> cron to record a couple shows.

	Yesterday I typed this:

at 0010
vcrdvd bbc1 105 Air_America

	This morning my /data/video partitition contained a directory
called Air_America with a DVD format video in it :)

	Was that the kind of thing you were aiming for ?

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