USB microphone (uname addon)

Valery Sherbanov vsherbanov at
Thu Jul 24 01:19:13 PDT 2003


i'm hame a problem this attached USB microphone.

# uname -v

kernel message:
uaudio0: audio rev 1.00
pcm3: <USB Audio> on uaudio0

# cat < /dev/dsp3
/dev/dsp3: Device busy.

# fstat | grep dsp
# (empty)

# mixer -f /dev/mixer3
Mixer pcm      is currently set to  74:74

# usbd -d -v
usbd: device-attach event at 1059034480.888299000, product 0x0001, Asahi Kasei 
  vndr=0x0556 prdct=0x0001 rlse=0x0001 clss=0x0000 subclss=0x0000 prtcl=0x0000
  device names: uaudio1
usbd: Found action 'USB device' for product 0x0001, Asahi Kasei Microsystems 
at uaudio1

what wrong? i can't open /dev/dsp for reading....

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