Another 5.1 sound oddity

James C. Durham durham at
Tue Jul 22 18:56:21 PDT 2003

I just installed 5.1 on a Gigabyte motherboard with VIA 8233 chipset, which 
has an onboard AC97 sound chip..reported thusly in /var/log/messages.

shazam kernel: pcm0: <VIA VT8233A> port 0xe400-0xe4ff irq 10 at device 17.5 on 
shazam kernel: pcm0: <Avance Logic ALC101 AC97 Codec>

When playing back a mono 44100 wav file recording, the pitch of the reproduced 
sound is noticably lower, as a rough guess, maybe 5-10% .

Anyone else seen this?


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