is sound on ICH5 supported?

Orion Hodson orion at
Wed Jul 23 08:24:44 PDT 2003

/-- John Reynolds wrote:
| Hi all, I was wondering if the built-in sound found in ICH5 is supported? I
| in my /boot/loader.conf file. I'm running 5.1-RELEASE with a non-GENERIC
| kernel. Do I need to load other modules or is this chip not really supported?


The 5.1R driver does not have the relevant probing code in to detect the sound 
component of the ich5 chipset.  cg committed the relevant code to -CURRENT a 
short while ago.

If you take the following diff as a patch and only apply the lines referring 
to ich5 then you should be able to get the ich5 working without incident:

Kind Regards
- Orion

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