xawtv and xv mischief

Joshua Lokken joshua at joshualokken.com
Wed Jul 16 01:39:26 PDT 2003


I recently got xawtv working on 4-stable with the
ATI AIW 128Pro card on an ASUS A7N8X.  There is a
small problem I'm hoping to resolve:

When I open xawtv after a fresh startx, tv works,
but there is a garbled band of trash on the right
and bottom side of the viewing window (looks like
the actual viewable portion is 800x600, but I am
running at, and have xawtv configured to run at
1024x768.  I then have to start mplayer and
[unsuccessfully] attempt to play a file using xv,
close it, then reopen xawtv, and the picture is
normal (displays at 1024x768, fills the viewing
window properly.)  What is going on, and where
should I begin to search for a solution?  Thanks
in advance,

me at joshualokken.com
joshua at joshualokken.com

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