AW: BSD video capture emulation question

Cornelius, Peter peter.cornelius at
Tue Jul 15 01:54:53 PDT 2003

> > sounds like netgraph .. (runs for cover)

hey. I was going to say just that.

> Some of the newer Windows apps lets you do similar things with audio
> and video stream processing.  I haven't used it, but there is an app
> that lets you plum things together.  So say you have a VOB (mpeg-2)
> video stream, and that will export the MPEG-2 video data, and the
> subtitls and the audio.  Then you can pass the audio (AC3) data to
> either your sound card (assuming digital out) or to a software AC3
> decoder, and you can do similar things with video.

In particular, video and audio running out of sync seems to be a royal pita under Windoze. I have not had the time yet to 'really' fiddle with my dv cam and do much cutting but I can recall my dad complaining very much so about various shortcomings of xp windoze. Which I could neither locate nor fix at that time.

But I'll try to stop picking on systems I don't understand; all I want to say is that not all that shines is made of gold, and so is windows. With protocols, you may build a large pipe of 'converters' since the protocols are designed to sort it out by themselves. I'm not sure whether that's true for a/v data (*). 

Just a couple of cents from the really back benches...



(*) Nonetheless, I'd not mind to see it working ;-)==)

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