LibH or Anaconda ??

Adam C. Migus adam at
Mon May 24 19:27:08 PDT 2004

Quoting David Johnson <david at>:

> On Sunday 23 May 2004 08:52 pm, С ·Éçç wrote:
> >   So , why don't you guys to think about migration rather than
> > rewriting a completely
> > different architecture for the installer ?
> Anaconda is certainly an option, but I doubt a binary-only Anaconda
> is. 
> Think about it. We need to go beyond running Redhat's  installer in 
> Linux compatibility mode. Also. SuSE just open sourced their YaST 
> installer. That's an option as well.
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I hear great things about SuSE's YaST and I generally think that using
it or Anaconda in the form of a native, ported, perhaps even enhanced
application is a great idea in general.

In summary, both Anaconda and YaST seem to have proven themselves in the
industry and giving people something they're already farmiliar with
from a UI stand-point is usually a win.

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