YAPIB (was: Drawing graphics on terminal)

Paul Robinson paul at iconoplex.co.uk
Fri Jun 20 02:50:42 PDT 2003

On Thu, Jun 19, 2003 at 02:26:13PM -0400, The Anarcat wrote:

> It's right now to the point I wouldn't consider writing more code for
> libh, but I'd reuse the ideas in a smaller, plugin-based, swig-foobar
> rewrite.

I went back and re-read the notes on the website about libh's design 
yesterday, first time in a while. It has some good ideas. Definitely lots to 
pick up on.
> So yes, libh is kinda bad, for me at least. And it involves a lot of
> C++ magic I don't really like.

*shudders*. I was sorting out my flat last night getting ready to move, and 
I found my old undergrad copy of the second edition K&R book. I hugged it. 
C++ is for girls. :-)
> But, as always, if someone feels like picking the horse (wether it's
> alive or dead I'm never too sure), feel free! The code is there for
> anyone who dares to look. I've also put up a doxygen framework and
> there's a bit of design doc, so no, libh's still no so bad since so
> much people put so much time in it during its long existence.

> I apologize again for being so brutal to this project which had so
> high hopes and also to all the people who worked on it.

It's understandable. Think of it this way - at least the next-gen installer 
is now likely to get a better name, whoever it is that writes it. :-)

Paul Robinson

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