YAPIB (was: Drawing graphics on terminal)

The Anarcat anarcat at anarcat.ath.cx
Thu Jun 19 11:28:56 PDT 2003

On jeu jun 19, 2003 at 10:57:39 +0100, Paul Robinson wrote:
> > libh's dead, folks. It's been dead for a good while now. I was just
> > kicking it to make it look like we could tear something out of this
> > monster.
> It's not *that* bad is it? :-)

It's right now to the point I wouldn't consider writing more code for
libh, but I'd reuse the ideas in a smaller, plugin-based, swig-foobar

So yes, libh is kinda bad, for me at least. And it involves a lot of
C++ magic I don't really like.

But, as always, if someone feels like picking the horse (wether it's
alive or dead I'm never too sure), feel free! The code is there for
anyone who dares to look. I've also put up a doxygen framework and
there's a bit of design doc, so no, libh's still no so bad since so
much people put so much time in it during its long existence.

I apologize again for being so brutal to this project which had so
high hopes and also to all the people who worked on it.



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