is 5.x still too unstable?

Tim Middleton x at Vex.Net
Wed Sep 10 13:53:09 PDT 2003

I am hoping to move some of the servers in our ISP to FreeBSD. I have been 
rather hoping 5.2 would be reliable enough, so that we can move to it and 
enjoy all the -CURRENT goodness. 

The test server locked up yesterday, during some heavy port building, after 
running for weeks with no problem.  (-; I've not gone to investigate the 
cause yet. But it has me nervous. It's been difficult to get FreeBSD accepted 
at all here, so I'm wanting it to make a good impression.

I have run 5 at home since 5.0-Release (currently 20030821 snapshot); and 
while there have been problems now and again with a few builds, once these 
have been solved my system here has been really very stable, which gave me 
hope it would be also OK for work... 

So what is the general opinion of those here? Should i play it safe and go 
back to 4.x until 5.x becomes officially "stable". Or do people think that 
for most general purpose stuff 5.x should be generally stable "enough"? 
"Enough" is a bit of a difficult word to define... of course one wants rock 
solid for a server... but one may be able to tolerate some sorts of problems 
as long as they can be sorted out quickly, and things are moving towards 
ultimate stability in the near future. These aren't huge servers (no 
multi-processor)... but moderately busy. Running the usual sorts of things... 
apache, postfix, python, zope, nfs, etc. 

I realise my post may be a little premature when I haven't even checked out 
what seems to have taken the test box down yet; but it's been on my mind to 
solicit opinions here before this happened, so... any thoughts or experiences 
running 5x on ISP servers to share out there? Are some snapshots known to be 
better than others? Any tips/tweaks on making 5.x just a little more 
stable---even at the cost of performance---than a default install (like 
disabling acpi, as the first thing).

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