is 5.x still too unstable?

Michael DeMan michael at
Wed Sep 10 14:07:55 PDT 2003

We have had reasonable luck with 5.1.  We have it running our development
server (primary NFS exports) and in production for a backup internal
monitoring box running OpenNMS with the jdk1.4.1 port.

One catch for sure - background fsck crashes the box on Promise RAID1
controllers on both boxes.

Disabling background fsck fixed it.

I also have 5.1 for a workstation with good results.

If you are talking serious production though with the possibilities of
failure or problems taking out customer services, I would not do it.

My 2-cents.

- mike

On 9/10/03 1:52 PM, "Tim Middleton" <x at Vex.Net> wrote:

> I am hoping to move some of the servers in our ISP to FreeBSD. I have been
> rather hoping 5.2 would be reliable enough, so that we can move to it and
> enjoy all the -CURRENT goodness.
> The test server locked up yesterday, during some heavy port building, after
> running for weeks with no problem.  (-; I've not gone to investigate the
> cause yet. But it has me nervous. It's been difficult to get FreeBSD accepted
> at all here, so I'm wanting it to make a good impression.
> I have run 5 at home since 5.0-Release (currently 20030821 snapshot); and
> while there have been problems now and again with a few builds, once these
> have been solved my system here has been really very stable, which gave me
> hope it would be also OK for work...
> So what is the general opinion of those here? Should i play it safe and go
> back to 4.x until 5.x becomes officially "stable". Or do people think that
> for most general purpose stuff 5.x should be generally stable "enough"?
> "Enough" is a bit of a difficult word to define... of course one wants rock
> solid for a server... but one may be able to tolerate some sorts of problems
> as long as they can be sorted out quickly, and things are moving towards
> ultimate stability in the near future. These aren't huge servers (no
> multi-processor)... but moderately busy. Running the usual sorts of things...
> apache, postfix, python, zope, nfs, etc.
> I realise my post may be a little premature when I haven't even checked out
> what seems to have taken the test box down yet; but it's been on my mind to
> solicit opinions here before this happened, so... any thoughts or experiences
> running 5x on ISP servers to share out there? Are some snapshots known to be
> better than others? Any tips/tweaks on making 5.x just a little more
> stable---even at the cost of performance---than a default install (like
> disabling acpi, as the first thing).

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