moving from debian to FreeBSD

W.D. McKinney dee at
Wed Sep 10 00:13:50 PDT 2003

Hello All,

New to this list & FreeBSD. We are almost done moving one server into
the new colo, and I must say, I am thoroughly pleased with the
differences between FreeBSD and Linux. I started running Linux when
RedHat came out with the first commercial version (which I still have
:-), and have been running it since. 

Yet when it was time to make a choice on OS's for the new servers, it
was time to move on to FreeBSD. This for lots of reasons.

I am not here to trash Linux. I just wanted to say I find FreeBSD
excellent to run Apache and djbdns, and we run qmail + assorted other
apps for MTA, etc.That's the next project.

This list has been informative also, so thanks.


W.D.McKinney (Dee)
Alaska Wireless Systems
Direct (907)349-4308 -=- Mobile (907)230-5048

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