LSI MegaRaid ATA 133-2 install question

Chris Knight cknight at
Mon Jan 26 23:18:40 PST 2004


   I am trying to install FreeBSD 4.9 onto an ASUS P3B-F motherboard 
with a pair of Western Digital 120G drives on a LSI MegaRaid ATA 133-2 

   During the boot process I hit CTRL-M to enter the RAID configuration 
menu and set up my two drives as mirrored, and I initialized the RAID.

   When I boot off the FreeBSD install CD, it finds both my hard drives, 
individually.  I am able to install to the drives, but they do not 
appear to be detected, or treated, as a RAID.

   Is the LSI MegaRaid ATA 133-2 a hardware raid controller, or is it 
all in the included drivers and the BIOS util is only for saving a 
config to the drives?  (Did I just over-pay for a IDE controller?)

   Is there anyway to get FreeBSD to recognize the LSI MegaRaid ATA 
133-2 as a RAID controller?  Preferrably as a boot device?

   Any assistance appreciated.


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