LSI MegaRaid ATA 133-2 install question

Dag-ErlingSmørgrav des at
Tue Jan 27 04:27:54 PST 2004

Chris Knight <cknight at> writes:
>    Is the LSI MegaRaid ATA 133-2 a hardware raid controller, or is it
> all in the included drivers and the BIOS util is only for saving a
> config to the drives?

The latter, most likely.  Otherwise, FreeBSD wouldn't see the
individual drives, the RAID controller would show up as a SCSI
controller and the array would show up as da[0-9]+.

> (Did I just over-pay for a IDE controller?)

Since you just want mirrored drives, you don't even need the RAID BIOS
to boot, so: yes, you were conned.  Provided you leave a little space
at the end of the disk, you can set up mirrorring after you're done
installing (off the top of my head and totally untested: 'atacontrol
create RAID1 ad0' to create a single-disk mirrored volume followed by
'atacontrol addspare ar0 ad2' to add the second disk; you may need to
'atacontrol rebuild' to initialize the second disk; and sos@ will
probably kill me for getting the instructions all wrong)

>    Is there anyway to get FreeBSD to recognize the LSI MegaRaid ATA
> 133-2 as a RAID controller?  Preferrably as a boot device?

Only if its on-disk layout is compatible with the Promise or Highpoint

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