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Mon Jan 5 12:28:04 PST 2004

It is more than likely your card has not been asigned an IRQ by the BIOS at
boot time. FreeBSD does not asign IRQs to PCI hardware after boot. Try
setting "PNP OS Installed" to "No" or "Disabled" if your BIOS has this
setting, that should fix the problem.

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I recently installed freebsd 5.2 and went to install oss so i could get my
via8233 soundcard working. oss says it supports this card and this card
functionde fine with oss under linux. i installed oss from
oss398c-freebsd-v5.2-RC1. the isntall program properly detects my sound card
but complains about conflicting irqs. the error it gives is 8233: IRQ not
set (255). Can't Continue. any ideas how this can be resolved. I'm also
running a sony vaio pcg-fr130
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