Cd rom device naming confusion

Craig Lloyd sonylloyd at
Mon Jan 5 14:19:43 PST 2004

->Just an info on something I could fiund nowhere
(searched the device namings section of FreeBSD handbook, 
books, other forums..etc) 

I know that IDE ATAPI cdrom drive is 
acd -> 
acd0 = 1st IDE ATAPI cdrom 
acd1 = 2nd IDE ATAPI cdrom 
acd2 = 3rd IDE ATAPI cdrom 
My question: When  should it be a,b,c,d,e at the end 
on the cdrom device naming? 
For example, I have a CDROM that is slave on IDE1
(/dev/acd1)...There's no partitioning for that CD..
what letter would be attributed to it. 
And if additionaly, I would have a second CDROM, 
master on IDE2 (/dev/acd2) should it work for it?

OS that I have -> FreeBSD 5.1

Craig Lloyd 

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