Custom I2C and RTC chip drivers: where is iccbus_get_nostop() defined?

Lee D embaudarm at
Sun Mar 18 04:46:57 UTC 2018

Hi Everyone,

I am back to working on my Zynq I2C and M41T82 RTC chip drivers.  I am
still using 11.0.1.

It turns out that the Zynq I2C hardware is buggy and it doesn't really
fit in with the FreeBSD paradigm of issuing discrete bus transactions
(start, stop, etc.)

I am trying to work around this by writing my own version of
iicbus_transfer_gen(), copied from src/sys/dev/iicbus/iiconf.c

My question is, where is iicbus_get_nostop() defined?  I can't seem to
find it with grep.

"nostop" seems to get turned on at some point, and while I could just
ignore it, I'd like to know where and how it is happening.



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