Custom I2C and RTC chip drivers: where is iccbus_get_nostop() defined?

Ian Lepore ian at
Sun Mar 18 14:30:32 UTC 2018

On Sun, 2018-03-18 at 00:46 -0400, Lee D wrote:
> Hi Everyone,
> I am back to working on my Zynq I2C and M41T82 RTC chip drivers.  I am
> still using 11.0.1.
> It turns out that the Zynq I2C hardware is buggy and it doesn't really
> fit in with the FreeBSD paradigm of issuing discrete bus transactions
> (start, stop, etc.)
> I am trying to work around this by writing my own version of
> iicbus_transfer_gen(), copied from src/sys/dev/iicbus/iiconf.c
> My question is, where is iicbus_get_nostop() defined?  I can't seem to
> find it with grep.
> "nostop" seems to get turned on at some point, and while I could just
> ignore it, I'd like to know where and how it is happening.
> Thanks,
> Lee

Nostop is an ivar of the child device, so iicbus_get_nostop() is formed
by the IICBUS_ACCESSOR macro in iicbus.h.

Now for the bad news:  don't use it.  It doesn't work.  It's 100% a bug
in the code that maybe kinda-sorta seemed to work for whoever added it,
because accidentally the right garbage was on the stack in the local
nostop var.  The generic transfer code doesn't check that the accessor
failed so it ends up using stack garbage for nostop.  The reason
there's g'teed to be no such ivar is because the code is asking the
wrong device, and it doesn't even have a handle to the right child
device to get the info it wants.

So the bottom line is, write your transfer routine to work however it
has to work.  That might mean ignoring the stop/nostop flags and just
doing whatever your hardware does.  Like if a write transaction is
handled by the hardware by putting the slave address and the offse-
within-slave values into registers and it does a write of the offset
then a read from the slave and you get no control over whether it does
that as two transactions or as 1 transaction with a repeat-start
between the read and write, then just silently do it that way.

I had forgotten about the nostop mess, which I discovered some time
last year.  It really needs to be fixed the right way, which is to
remove the nostop hack, remove all uses of the NOSTOP flag everywhere
in the code, and make the default behavior that all back-to-back
operations in the same array of cmds handed to a single transfer call
have implicit repeat-start behavior when changing slave or direction.
 We could add a specific STOP flag to force a stop/start between two
commands, but even that's not really needed.

The only example of a transfer-only driver I know of offhand is the rpi
driver (arm/broadcom/bcm2835/bcm2835_bsc.c).  Unfortunately, bugs in
the rpi silicon complicate the code and make it a messy example.

-- Ian

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