File Mirror Software

Brad Falzon brad.mailing at
Mon Jul 10 04:00:57 UTC 2006

Hey guys,

Currently, we're building our replacement file mirror box. (Its a beefy 
5TB Server) Anyway, currently, we use the application 'mirror' to handle 
ftp mirrors and our own rsynctool which connects to a database for our 
rsync mirrors. However, this is beginning to be a pain, ie no reports 
are generated, hard to maintain etc.

I was wondering if anybody has similar experiences and can recommend any 
software that could handle ftp and rsync mirrors better than our home 
grown scripts.

I've spent along time researching this, but could never get a good 
enough google query.

Simba seems to have much potential, however, being version 0.8 has more 
than its fair share of bugs at the moment. And the only other ftp mirror 
utility (weex) can only handle ftp mirrors, not rsync.

Does anyone have any recommended ports that we should be looking into 
before making our final choice.

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