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Mon Jul 10 21:38:54 UTC 2006

Brad Falzon wrote this message on Mon, Jul 10, 2006 at 13:30 +0930:
> Currently, we're building our replacement file mirror box. (Its a beefy 
> 5TB Server) Anyway, currently, we use the application 'mirror' to handle 
> ftp mirrors and our own rsynctool which connects to a database for our 
> rsync mirrors. However, this is beginning to be a pain, ie no reports 
> are generated, hard to maintain etc.
> I was wondering if anybody has similar experiences and can recommend any 
> software that could handle ftp and rsync mirrors better than our home 
> grown scripts.
> I've spent along time researching this, but could never get a good 
> enough google query.
> Simba seems to have much potential, however, being version 0.8 has more 
> than its fair share of bugs at the moment. And the only other ftp mirror 
> utility (weex) can only handle ftp mirrors, not rsync.
> Does anyone have any recommended ports that we should be looking into 
> before making our final choice.

If you're looking for software to do mirroring, I'd recommend you look
at cvsup...  Yes, this software is a general mirroring tool, and a few
orders of a magnitude faster than rsync...

It does have issues with really large files (like 2gb+) as the 10/15
minute timeout can be shorter than the time taken to generate a checksum
for the file...  Though w/ faster cpu's these days, it's probably no
longer the case..

A number of years back, we used it to mirror 140GB of data between sites..

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