Writing a driver for a card reader controller - how?

M. Warner Losh imp at bsdimp.com
Thu Nov 24 18:28:13 GMT 2005

In message: <20051124111241.GB75190 at mygiea.ham01.thiemo.net>
            Thiemo Nordenholz <listmember at thiemo.net> writes:
: Hi Warner,
: > to be set.  Can you send me a pointer to the winbond datasheet you are
: > using?  IIRC, this chip has an odd API since it appears to be derived
: As I have to wait for some spare time before trying to use the hints I have
: received here, for now I can only answer that question - I found a datasheet
: at http://www.winbond.com/e-winbondhtm/partner/PDFresult.asp?Pname=863
: which is what I try to work with. (That page sends a file "PDFresult.asp",
: which is actually a PDF.)

I've read through this pdf.  As far as I can find, it just talks about
how to setup the base address for each of the sets of registers
without actually talking about the sets of registers themselves.  Nor
can I find in the document a pointer to the different register sets.
Do you have one of those as well?  It looks fairly easy to program
this device's base addresses or inquire what they are.  It is done in
much the same way that super I/O chips are programmed.


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