Writing a driver for a card reader controller - how?

Thiemo Nordenholz listmember at thiemo.net
Thu Nov 24 11:13:09 GMT 2005

Hi Warner,

> to be set.  Can you send me a pointer to the winbond datasheet you are
> using?  IIRC, this chip has an odd API since it appears to be derived

As I have to wait for some spare time before trying to use the hints I have
received here, for now I can only answer that question - I found a datasheet
at http://www.winbond.com/e-winbondhtm/partner/PDFresult.asp?Pname=863
which is what I try to work with. (That page sends a file "PDFresult.asp",
which is actually a PDF.)

Thanks & best wishes,

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