Writing a driver for a card reader controller - how?

Thiemo Nordenholz listmember at thiemo.net
Thu Nov 24 23:10:27 GMT 2005

> how to setup the base address for each of the sets of registers
> without actually talking about the sets of registers themselves.  Nor
> can I find in the document a pointer to the different register sets.
> Do you have one of those as well?  It looks fairly easy to program

As far as I have understood what I have seen so far, this chip will just
handle the communication between "the computer" and the SD/MMC (both seem to
be very similar to access, unfortunately the SD standard is not publicly
available) card. 
I think once this controller has been programmed to use IRQ, DRQ and
register base address, what one wants to access are those resources in the
card itself, which can happen through those resources.

My plan therefore was to first be able to make those settings and then
talk to the card as defined in the MMC standard... Finding out if a card is
in the slot, though, should work first as that's done by the controller.


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