ATI drivers for FreeBSD - anything?

Vladimir Kushnir vkushnir at
Tue Nov 22 23:19:36 GMT 2005

On Mon, 21 Nov 2005, Maxime Henrion wrote:

> Albert Vest wrote:
>> On Sat, 19 Nov 2005 01:58:25 +0200 (EET)
>> Vladimir Kushnir <vkushnir at> wrote:
>>> Hi all,
>>> Is there any project on FreeBSD wrapper for ATI Linux drivers (like
>>> nVidia's used to be)? If so - I'd be more than happy to test (sorry I can
>>> hardly write it myself).
>>> Regards,
>>> Vladimir
>> I too would welcome this, mainly for ATI sound but also for video.
>> I see the x11/nvidia-driver port can still be built with LINUX compatibility turned on; maybe if we "make extract" with LINUX=yes, the source code will contain some hints to how it can be done?
> The Linux compatibility in the nvidia-driver has nothing to do with a
> wrapper to run Linux drivers; nVidia releases a build of this driver for
> FreeBSD.  The Linux compatibility option is here to install nVidia's
> Linux OpenGL libraries so that Linux binaries can run with FreeBSD's
> driver.  This is possible because nVidia's OpenGL libraries communicate
> with the driver by using /dev/nvidia and the FreeBSD driver offers the
> same interface.  In short, there is no easy way to use the ATI drivers
> for Linux under FreeBSD.

True, but before they've started releasing them there was a wrapper in 
ports which used the Linux driver (and I think that was what motivated 
nVidia to release FreeBSD drivers). I just thought might be somebody who 
knows better than myself woud feel interested enough to write a similar 
wrapper for ATI drivers (which could eventualy stir them towards the 
same direction as nVidia). It looks I was wrong. A pity.


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