ieee80211_send_mgmt / ieee80211_mgmt_output

john wu c0de at
Wed Jul 13 12:51:48 GMT 2005

hello list,

i want to write a userland program for sending ieee80211 mgmt packets. this idea is not new, first seen around 2002 by dachb0denlabs with openbsd kernel patches. 
(ok, first seen, there was this linux lib by packetfactory ;)
the last years more and more stuff was released in the linux sector, void11...bla...

i didn't have succ. with porting of the dachb0denlabs kernel patches for openbsd to freebsd(around 2002), the beast did sent out s.o.m.e.t.h.i.n.g but not realy what i wanted it to.

so now its time for me to try it aggain.

well, i think the most answers i might get here to this post ll be something like, "uargh, dude - the kernel handels this stuff, and this it good, so leave it as it is", "guess why you can't do ifunit() from userland"... etc.


so i need a Quick/Fast/Dirty hack for this purpose, using or rape most of the "already there" kernel functions like ieee80211_send_mgmt().

- please, any ideas (where to place the scalpel) best ?
- would it be easier to patch the bpf write, so that it supports not only Ethernet and Slip writes Links ?

ps. i lost the dachb0denlabs patches over the years, i think they've never been officialy released, so it might also help if anyone can make them avarible for me...

pps. sorry for bad english

ANY ideas welcome

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