limit jail disk space

Jone Jas jas_arlerr at
Wed Jul 13 13:34:51 GMT 2005

Vlad GALU <vladgalu at> дµÀ£º
 > Sure. The tools may control all limits such as cpu time, >memory, bandwidth, disk space, etc. I have read the Linux >VServer dlimit code. But I am not very sure where to put the >hooks for inode/blocks control of jail in FreeBSD. This is why I >open this thread. Vlad GALU said I can look to the quota >method. I will try. Thanks.

>It will most probably be tricky, because you can practically >have the same uid in both worlds (the host and the jail) with >different quota settings mapped to it. So upon granting fs >resources you'd have to check which 'world' the request came >from. If the quota for that world isn't overdue, you check for >that uid's quota inside that world and if that's still OK you >grant the resource. 

If we use different start number for users in jails and in the host as said on some wikis (i.e., increase the start uid for jail users), the different quota mapping will not be confused. 

>You will probably have to add an extra member to the prison >structure, to hold the global quota for that jail.

Yes, I do think so.



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