limit jail disk space

Jone Jas jas_arlerr at
Wed Jul 13 13:23:01 GMT 2005

Alex Lyashkov <shadow at> дµÀ£º
> >option QUOTA? or jail disklimit? 
> I mean jail disk limit
> >for jail disklimit more easy create tools who controled all
> limits >for jail.
> >Look to LinuxVServer project ( or
> >FreeVPS.
> Sure. The tools may control all limits such as cpu time,
> memory, bandwidth, disk space, etc. I have read the Linux
> VServer dlimit code. But I am not very sure where to put the
> hooks for inode/blocks control of jail in FreeBSD. This is why
> I open this thread. Vlad GALU said I can look to the quota
> method. I will try. Thanks.
> -- 
>If you look into quota function you can see it called from >inode/blocks allocation/deallocation code at same points you >can install disklimits hooks. 
>I can`t find any benefit add new quota type (total size used at >jail) - this way was used at early version Linux VServer but >have are one problem - more difficult create separated per jail >diskquota. 

I am really not aware of this. Are there some conflicts?

>If you create disklimit separated from quota code you can >easy add quota hash ptr into prison structure and switch >hashes when work.
>Next problem - where store jail id for dinode struct. >rwantson@ say we need use xattr for this, but my opinion use >reserved fields in dinode.

Yes. My opinion is the same with yours.

FreeVPS Developers Team


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