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Sun Jul 3 01:04:06 GMT 2005

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: kris at wrote: 
: > Consider not insulting the intelligence of the FreeBSD developers
: > if you want them to ever help you again with your kernel newbie
: > questions.  That kind of trash-talking may be cool in other
: > projects, but around here it's not going to win you friends.
: Consider not mischaracterizing, belittling and alienating people for
: voicing their opinions. I had no intention of insulting anyone, my
: point was exactly the opposite of what you seem to believe - I claim
: that if such seasoned, highly intelligent and skilled developers do
: not feel comfortable making changes to certain subsystems then that
: is an indication that the complexity has gone too far. 
: Let me reiterate, I believe the Core team members to be highly
: intelligent, skilled and friendly people and I have a lot of
: respect for them and their work. I have utmost respect for Mr.
: Watson because I believe he better than anyone else embodies
: the spirit of the Project, he is always very informative,
: thorough, helpful, friendly, polite, willing to share his
: vast knowledge and experience and offer his insight, unlike
: certain former Security Officers.

If I were to reply in kind to your message, it would be something like:

	Listen you worthless hunk of flesh.  I'm not trying to insult
	you, since I have the utmost respect for the miserable life
	you no doubt must lead.  Nothing could be farther from the
	intentions I had when I set out ot write this, but you clearly
	could use a personality transplant.

The secret to effective communication is making sure that you
communicate the message that you intend to communicate.  By saying in
one paragraph that you have the utmost respect for people (and by the
way misunderstanding how the core team works and its relationship to
the project, but I digress), and then insulting them in the next
paragraph, you're clearly showing your contempt or disrespect.

Please, learn some manners.


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