Benchmark: NetBSD 2.0 beats FreeBSD 5.3

Nguyen Tam Chinh chinhngt at
Sun Jul 3 00:29:36 GMT 2005

Please don't treat this seriously. Benchmarks are just benchmarks. But 
the benchmarks and comparison, widespreaded through sites like slashdot 
or osnews, sometimes affect the interest and view point of some new and 
potential users.
May be we should do some full benchmarks as an answer and to review the 
true status of our 5.x, 4.x and others?

On Thu, 6 Jan 2005, Martin P. Hellwig wrote:

> <cut troll>
>> PS: if I've offended anyone (yeah, I singled a few
>> out)
>> , prove me wrong, but spare me your insultedness. It's become a pathetic 
>> hobby in -core.
> Benchmark are made to be put into perspective, although everybody has a right 
> to say what he wants to say, this doesn't mean that you have to say it.
> It seems to me that FreeBSD is focusing it performance onto MP 64bit 
> processors. As we can see in the benchmark it has in comparison to other 
> projects a negative impact on UP system.
> But just put it in the perspective of processor developments, AMD (followed 
> by Intel) is heading towards a multi-core 64 bit systems, what probably 
> becomes mainstream at the end of next year.
> With this technology the FreeBSD model could have winner on there hands.
> Doing the same job but not having the same philosophy on it, is always 
> inefficient, but in the real world it leads to the Darwin effect.
> What means that the best solution gets there chance of survival against the 
> test of time.
> Luckily these are all BSD's, good solution will spread, just take a look at 
> PF.
> OpenBSD has a good user base but not compatible to the sum of user base of 
> the other BSD's. Still PF has spread there wings beyond the user base of 
> OpenBSD.
> FreeBSD is just a name for an OS, if any other OS can give me more "bang for 
> the buck" and provides a full solution, I will use it.
> Be it DragonFly/Free/Open/Net, MacOsX, GNU+Linux, Windows or any of the other 
> hundreds of OS'es out there.
> I like the BSD license so I will tend to stick to "gratis" BSD OS'es.
> All of the disagreements in development is a healthy process to make sure the 
> sort "BSD" an not the specie *BSD will survive.
> Sure I have my disappointments about some decision, but hey so is live, this 
> ain't a fan club for next biggest boy band (he he BSD-Boyz), where using an 
> OS to provide solution for our technologic problems, you favor your solution 
> but don't blind yourself.
> And when you don't blind yourself you re-evaluate your situation and move 
> forward with the best solution for your problem.
> Sure it is a pain to migrate my boxes to another OS (well that is the fun 
> part) and do some massive rewriting of my documentation, but thats my job and 
> I tend to like it. Just standing still and not progress has its 
> attractiveness when you had a very rough ride, but it gets dull very soon and 
> then you find yourself back on the dirty tracks.
> But these are my opinion only, however I like to share them ;-)
> Martin P. Hellwig
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