Call for FreeBSD status reports

Scott Long scottl at
Sun Jul 3 00:28:28 GMT 2005


It's time again for the bi-monthly status reports.  The July-Oct 2004 
status reports were preempted by the 5.3 release, so this one is open
for anything that has happened since June.  As always, submissions
having to do with FreeBSD development, documentation, organized events,
etc, are welcome and highly encouraged.  Submissions are due by Jan 15
to monthly at

There are also a couple of changes to announce.  First is that Tom
Rhodes and Max Laier have volunteered to help run the status reports and
keep them more timely.  Many thanks to Tom and Max for offering to
help.  Second is that a couple of new attributes have been added to the
XML thanks to Max.  The first is a project category attribute that will
enable us to group the submissions into categories and render the full
report with these categories for easier viewing.  You can choose to use
whatever category tag fits your report best, or omit it entirely and let
us take care of it.  The category mapping is listed below.  Feel free to
suggest additional categories.

proj   - Projects (non-specific)
docs   - Documentation
kern   - Kernel
arch   - Architectures
ports  - Ports
vendor - Vendor / 3rd party software
misc   - Miscellaneous

The second new attribute lets you lists tasks for your project that
others can help with.  An example is provided in the template under the
<help> and <task> tags.

The template is available at  I've just 
committed the updated version with the new tags, so it might take a few
hours for it to reach the website for downloading.

Submissions are due on Jan 15.  Thanks a lot, and we are looking for a
big turn-out.

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