It has been committed! [WAS: Re: Need feedback/review, a big change in AbiWord2 port.]

Jeremy Messenger mezz7 at
Wed Jun 9 19:22:45 GMT 2004

I have committed this. Thanks for reviews and feedbacks!


On Tue, 08 Jun 2004 01:09:56 -0500, Jeremy Messenger <mezz7 at> wrote:

> Hello,
> I have maken a big changes in AbiWord2 port, what I have done:
> 	- Clean up to make it looks nicer.
> 	- Change from to configure; it works fine with tweaks.
> 	- No longer wv check for the conflict, which it depends on textproc/wv
> 	  rather than the one include AbiWord's tarball. I have tested my Mom
> 	  and sister's docs from their work/school and they works fine with wv
> 	  port. I don't see any problem or slowdown.
> 	- Force AbiWord to check/compile everything what apps that are
> 	  installed (headers, libraries, etc) from ports rather than check and
> 	  use the stuff that are included in tarball such as wv, zlib, libpng,
> 	  popt and etc.
> 	- Change the default spell from Enchant to Aspell, because it doesn't
> 	  work at all unless you compile Enchant with the Aspell support. I
> 	  think, it's waste to depend on Enchant by default.
> 	  Also, I have removed the check of Enchant. I prefer to see force
> 	  user to want use Enchant if they know what to do with it. I need the
> 	  help on write the better comment in @${ECHO_CMD} about this.
> 	- Add the new WITHOUT_GTKSPELL knob to allow us not depend and install
> 	  either Aspell or Enchant, but the spell checker will be still enable
> 	  and dictionary will be install. The spell checker works fine in my
> 	  test so far.
> 	- Add the new WITH_HTML_HELP_BROWSER knob to allow us install the Help
> 	  docs. This cover the ports/66623, but I personal still would like to
> 	  see use the DOCSDIR path.
> 	  The vote is still open for if you dislike put Help docs in Makefile
> 	  and rather to create a seperate port, just give a shout.
> 	  Vote:
> 	  ===================================
> 	  mezz   = Makefile
> 	  marcus = seperate port, unless Makefile doesn't turn into mess.
> 	  ===================================
> At last, here's diff:
> After collect the feedbacks and commit, I will try to take the look at  
> create a new spereate port for AbiWord2 plugins.
> I think, that's all for now. /me goes to grab some beers and take the  
> break.
> Cheers,
> Mezz

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