Gnome 2.6 Installation

Bill Webster squarms at
Tue Jun 8 09:25:06 GMT 2004

Computer Uptime: 6:46PM  up 1 day, 19:27, 3 users,
load averages: 0.96, 0.94, 0.92

Computer Information: FreeBSD
5.1-RELEASE FreeBSD 5.1-RELEASE #0: Thu Jun  5
GMT 2003
root at

Computer Specs:
Toshiba Satellite Pro 4600
Pentium III 700MHz

I have recently made the decision to scrap dual
booting and convert my PC into a Gnome-based FreeBSD
desktop home computer.  After attempting all the
different scenarios suggested by the FreeBSD-Gnome
docs to avoid going through the long process* of
installing  something as large as Gnome via ports, I
had rebuilt my installation of FreeBSD approximately 6

Methods I had tried included pkg_add -r gnome2, which
began downloading packages for gnome2.2 (already on my
FreeBSD ISO), and the Gnome Tinderbox, which when
using the 5.1-CURRENT PACKAGESITE was broken in many

After my current rebuild, I had performed the cvsup
procedure on my ports tree and began the process of
building Gnome2.6 through ports.  * "long process" -
refers to my computer's uptime displayed at the
beginning of this message is the running time of the
building of the Gnome port (so far), factoring in
multiple error corrections & research.  At the time of
writing, Mozilla is being built, which is a lengthy
process in itself.

My reasoning behind going to Gnome2.6 is:
1. I wanted the bleeding-edge.
2. I wanted the near bleeding-edge Xscreensaver.
3. I attempted to install Gnome2.2 off the ISO as part
of the initial FreeBSD setup, which was very broken. 
Simple things like creating a user/group combination
of gdm/gdm were left out of the initial installation. 
Although, this is not an example of it being broken,
many other things were broken.

I assumed that 5.1 FreeBSD would be adequately
supported in the FreeBSD-Gnome Documentation and
Gnome2.6 package setups.  

The aim of this message is to ask for basic testing to
be performed and basic needs to be met when installing
something as complex as Gnome.

Please help to convert me from KDE ;)

Naaman Campbell,
Brisbane, Australia.

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