fusefs and /etc/fstab

Mikhail T. mi+b at aldan.algebra.com
Thu Feb 1 19:35:32 UTC 2018

For people trying to use fstab to mount fusefs filesystem(s), there is a 
problem -- the daemons expecting one argument after the options (the 
mount-point), are confused by there being two arguments: the "special" 
and the mount-point.

The mount_fusefs(8) recommends using "auto" for the "special" (first 
field of the fstab), but that breaks too:

    fuse: bad mount point `auto': No such file or directory

I first thought, this problem is specific to smbnetfs, but the program 
simply uses FUSE_ARGS_INIT(argc, argv) and otherwise relies on the 
libfuse library to process the command-line.

The trick I found to work is to put one of the mount options into the 
first field:

    -oallow_other  /smb fusefs

but that's just a hack, of course.

Perhaps, our libfusefs ports can be modified to, upon encountering two 
arguments remaining after the options, to either silently ignore the 
first one at all times, or only ignore it, if it says "auto"? 
Alternatively, maybe, mount_fusefs needs to strip the "special" off 
before invoking the specified daemon?


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