Need help with sysutils/fusefs-smbnetfs

Mikhail T. mi+b at
Thu Feb 1 19:08:21 UTC 2018

2/1/2018 3:48 AM, Stefan Esser пише:
> Did you test with version 3 of the FUSE library? The port should be 
> converted to that version, anyway, since development of version 2 has 
> stopped.
I just committed the changes necessary to build with fuse3, should the 
user so desire or should the default fuse-version change.

However, I can not report any obvious advantages from using it at this 
time. Worse, because the direct_io option -- despite being documented in 
mount_fusefs(8) -- is not supported by fuse3, the read-throughput is now 
back down to hundreds of kilobytes per second... As you may remember, by 
using direct_io I was able to go up to 8MB/second with fuse2 (although 
smbclient itself could read at 20MB/s).



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