fusefs and /etc/fstab

Martin Simmons martin at lispworks.com
Fri Feb 2 17:24:07 UTC 2018

>>>>> On Thu, 1 Feb 2018 14:35:26 -0500, Mikhail T said:
> For people trying to use fstab to mount fusefs filesystem(s), there is a 
> problem -- the daemons expecting one argument after the options (the 
> mount-point), are confused by there being two arguments: the "special" 
> and the mount-point.
> The mount_fusefs(8) recommends using "auto" for the "special" (first 
> field of the fstab), but that breaks too:
>     fuse: bad mount point `auto': No such file or directory

Yes, but mount doesn't run mount_fusefs when processing /etc/fstab.

> I first thought, this problem is specific to smbnetfs, but the program 
> simply uses FUSE_ARGS_INIT(argc, argv) and otherwise relies on the 
> libfuse library to process the command-line.
> The trick I found to work is to put one of the mount options into the 
> first field:
>     -oallow_other  /smb fusefs
>     rw,failok,uid=105,late,mountprog=/opt/bin/smbnetfs
> but that's just a hack, of course.
> Perhaps, our libfusefs ports can be modified to, upon encountering two 
> arguments remaining after the options, to either silently ignore the 
> first one at all times, or only ignore it, if it says "auto"? 

I think the problem is that /opt/bin/smbnetfs is a fuse daemon, not a FreeBSD
mountprog.  You need a mountprog that will run /opt/bin/smbnetfs with the
correct arguments (c.f. mount.fuse on Linux).

> Alternatively, maybe, mount_fusefs needs to strip the "special" off 
> before invoking the specified daemon?

It does, but as noted above, it is not used when processing /etc/fstab.


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