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Lukas Ertl le at
Mon Dec 19 10:03:27 PST 2005

On Mon, 19 Dec 2005, Eric Anderson wrote:

>> We have to cope with the same problem here.  It's a 662GB filesystem used 
>> for Cyrus imapd mail folders.  55GB free space, plenty of free inodes, and 
>> yet we get "filesystem full" messages.  If we remove some mail folders 
>> (postmaster double bounce stuff, thousands of mails per dir), the kernel 
>> stops complaining about a full filesystem (until it runs out of $factor_x 
>> again).
> This is interesting - can you touch a new file?  Also, can you post (http 
> please) your dumpfs output also? I realize it might be large.

I'm gonna have to wait until it happens again.

> The most interesting pieces to me are the superblock and cylindar summary 
> info, plus maybe the first 100 cylindar group info.


This was taken just now, and there are no "filesystem full" messages 


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